Happy Easter! Healthy Teeth

Are you having a great Easter break so far? Though today has been a gloomy day on Bridge Road in Richmond, we are having a nice break! It is the heaven of lollies season, yet excessive lollies and candy can upset our teeth.. :(

A tooth that has a ‘hole’ will require treatment with a sealant, dental filling or other restorations depending on the size of decay. A white filling can last many years before it needs replacing. However, fillings bear constant stress from strong muscles chewing. Clenching and grinding teeth also put excessive force on fillings and tooth enamel, dentine and nerve pulp.

All of these can result in a filling to slowly deteriorate, such as chip, creep, crack, fracture or complete dislodgement.

Often there are no symptoms that many of us do not feel pain until the decay gets deeply into the nerve of tooth.

‘OUCH’! A lot of the time, these teeth will require more than a simple fissure sealant or a nice white filling, thus incur more expensive treatments $$.

The most cost-effective way is to have Regular dental Check-up and routine Xrays, they are paramount to detect any holes in the early stage!!

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