Spring Festival, Keep Up your Beautiful Smile

This year Melbourne Cup is on the Tuesday, 5th of November. Since we will be closed, I will share a bit of knowledge about Fluoride (F-), so you can keep up your smile.


Fluoridation used to be a big debate in topic. It has been scientifically proven the efficacy of low concentration Fluoride Toothpastes reduce 25% in DMFT in area without water fluoridation (Clarkson et al.Am JDent. 1993:6 (spec. issue):s59-s106)

(DMFT stands for Decayed, Missed, Filled Teeth)

There are different methods of Fluoride Delivery.

-Water fluoridation is a community-based fluoride intervention. Is Melbourne Richmond water fluoridated? Luckily Yes!

-Professionally Applied at a Dentist Topical Fluoride interventions, such as Fluoride mouth-rinse, Fluoride Gel, Fluoride Varnish.

-Self applied (At Home), such as toothpaste, tooth-mousse plus.


Did you know the Children's F- intake varies depending on age? Adult toothpaste strength may be too strong for your little ones under certain ages.

Did you know the excessive amount of F- intake in children at young age can result in unaesthetic patchy look in their adult teeth?


Not sure if you are using the right amount of Fluoride product? Give us a call. We can organise a consultation for you and your family.

We at Milestone Dental Richmond are always happy to tailor the amount of fluoride intake advice for our clients. We do know there are a lot of products in the markets and sometimes it is confusing for consumers to choose the right one.

At Milestone Dental Richmond, we create your confident milestone smile. Have a nice long weekend everyone!

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