Wisdom Teeth removal in Richmond Melbourne

Milestone Dental Richmond offer affordable wisdom teeth extraction services. Our experienced team of Melbourne dentists can help guide you through the process and give you all the understanding and available options. Our dentists strive to provide a comfortable, pain-free experience. 

Wisdom teeth are our third molars that most people develop and erupt normally between the ages of 18 and 25. It is common for wisdom teeth to be impacted, meaning there is no space for them to erupt out.

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What are the symptoms of dental wisdom teeth problems?

Wisdom teeth can cause problems and often need removal.

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There are many situations where removal is the best option.

Dental and Facial Infection from impacted wisdom teeth

When an impacted wisdom tooth starts to push through the gums,

an infection can start around the top of the tooth.

Infection and inflammation (swollen red gums) can cause pain, bad breath, swelling and jaw stiffness.


Dental Wisdom teeth crowding

A wisdom tooth may push nearby teeth out of their correct position

and may help to cause crowding of front teeth.


Dental Cysts around wisdom teeth

Sacks of fluid called cysts can form around a wisdom tooth and may displace it.
The cysts can destroy bone and damage other teeth and gums.


Damage to nearby molars by a wisdom tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth may keep pushing against the molars next to it.

This often leads to a serious damage to both teeth.

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